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All Washed Up Outdoor Sink


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Clean Creation

Fashion an outdoor sink for tidying up after horticulture, a backyard BBQ or trips to the barn. The ideas and uses for this sink are limitless!

What you’ll need for a DIY outdoor sink:

Galvanized doubled washtub Wall-mount faucet Thread tape Elbow pipe Straight pipe, somewhat longer than the depth of the sink Brass garden hose adapter Deck boards 2-by-2 board Screws Wrench Drill with a bit the size of the faucet opening Circular ensure

DIY Outdoor Sink Project Directions: 1. Drill hole for faucet

Drill a hole in one bathtub near the back edge. Push the faucet through from the front and apply thread tape to all the threaded ends. Twist the elbow tube onto the back of the faucet.

2. Make garden hose attachment

Apply thread videotape to the threaded objective of the straight pipe and spin that onto the other end of the elbow. Attach the garden hose adapter to the bottom aim of the straight pipe. Stiffen all connections with a wrench.

3. Hose adapter

Attach a garden hose to the hose adapter.

4. Create the lid

To generate the eyelid, cut the deck boards 1 inch longer than the tub’s thicknes, so the lid will overhang the tub opening. Cut enough committees to cover the top. Cut two lengths of the 2-by- 2 committee 1 inch shorter than the opening, to fit inside and prevent the top from sliding off.

5. Attach the lid

Line up the longer committees edge to edge. Center the shorter boards perpendicular on the longer committees, leaving a space between them. Screw the shorter boards onto the deck boards. Flip the top and place it over one of the tubs. Voila! You now have an outdoor sink!

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This story originally appeared in the Country Woman Magazine.

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