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Weekend in Prague: The Best Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days


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We commonly don’t like cities much. They’re generally mobbed by overtourism, congested with traffic, and homogenized by the rise of globalization.

To get the feel of the soul of a destination, you really need to get outside the major cities, assure the area’s natural beauty, and connect with local communities.

Still, we couldn’t travel to the Czech Republic and not visit Prague, the culture heart of Bohemian central Europe. After all, the capital city’s history includes the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque eras, and the entire Historic Centre of Prague is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So when we found out that ThinkPrague offers fully customized Prague tours with your own private local guide, we jumped at the opportunity to explore the best things to do in Prague.

Unfortunately, after spending five days at the TBEX meeting in Ostrava and another four traveling around the South Bohemia region, we only had one day left to see the city’s highlights.

If we were to do it again, we’d definitely expend a whole weekend in Prague, allowing us more time to explore some of our favorite attractions( such as the Prague Castle exhibitions and St. Vitus Cathedral) in-depth.

But our guidebook, Ales Pitin, seemed to relish the challenges facing dedicating us a condensed look at where to go and what to do in Prague. Based on our interest in ecotourism, history, and culture, he put together an amazing Prague walking tour that encompassed dozens of impressive attractions.

What follows is a detailed itinerary for ensure the best of Prague in 3 days. It takes in most of the city’s most important attractions, yet allows plenty of hour for touring the individual gardens, churches, and other historic sites you’ll assure along the way.

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Weekend in Prague: The Best Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days via @greenglobaltrvl #Pragueczechrepublic, #PragueThingstodoin, #PragueWhattodoin, #PragueTravel, #PragueItinerary Weekend in Prague: The Best Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days via @greenglobaltrvl #Pragueczechrepublic, #PragueThingstodoin, #PragueWhattodoin, #PragueTravel, #PragueItinerary

Prague Tourist Map Petrin Hill Hradcany District Mala Strana& Old Town Prague


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