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12 Beautiful DIY Crochet Baby Blankets – Home and Gardening Ideas


12 Beautiful DIY Crochet Baby Blankets

Crocheting baby blankets is a fantastic way to spend your evening. There are thousands of amazing patterns available that make ideal gifts for friends and family. If you are a parent, you might want to stock up on several different styles and sizes. You can never have enough blankets.

No matter the style that you prefer or yarn you want to use, there is a crochet baby blanket pattern out there for you. I’ve been crocheting for over ten years! I picked some of my favorite patterns for you to make the selection easier. Let’s take a look!

Cozy Clusters Baby Blanket

I love easy projects that work up fast. If that is your desire, the Cozy Clusters pattern by LeeLeeKnits is ideal. You will use bulky weight yarn, which means the project is fast. You don’t have to mess around with it for weeks. The creator offers an ad-free PDF version for $4 or the free pattern on her blog. Get this Blanket HERE

If you have the desire to make a blanket that is stunning but requires time, the Skittles Blanket is for you. The result is a beautiful rainbow of colors of your selection. Luckily, the pattern only uses simple stitches. You just need to know how to make a chain, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. The creator does a fantastic job creating a fully written pattern with a detailed materials list and plenty of details. Don’t feel intimidated. A beginner can make this beautiful, Skittles blanket! Get this Blanket HERE

Granny square patterns are a popular choice for beginners and baby blankets. Daisy Cottage Designs offers a free, granny square pattern that creates a lovey size, which is an 18-inch square. However, I used this pattern and just continued the pattern to create the size blanket I desired. It is very simple! Get this Blanket HERE

Are you looking for a unique, yet free, baby blanket that will surely wow your friends and family? The Rainbow Ripple Blanket is for you. It is one of the most popular choices available, with over 5,000 known projects created from this pattern. Best of all, it uses stitches that aren’t complicated. Despite the beautiful look, beginners are welcome to try this pattern! Get this Blanket HERE

I am a huge fan of this pattern. It creates a lacy, delicate-type look that will always stay in style. You will use a worsted weight yarn, and you’ll need several skeins to get the size desired. The pattern calls for a K crochet hook. I love the colors that the creator used, but it would be beautiful in lighter colors as well if you wanted to keep it more muted. Get this Blanket HERE

Who doesn’t love polka dots? They are fun and gender neutral. Polka dots match almost any theme. I love this pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs. You will worsted weight yarn and several skeins. The project uses a J crochet hook. The pattern itself is straightforward, but the bobble stitch might be confusing for a newbie. However, don’t be afraid to give it a try! Get this Blanket HERE



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