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5 Best Gardening Gloves In 2019


Gardening can be a lot of fun, it can calm you, relax you, and is a great way to clear your head, blow off steam. For some, it’s an awesome, perhaps lesser appreciated way to indulge in your creativity. To make for a successful garden, though, you must invest in the best equipment. This includes the best leaf shredder, the best pruning shears, and the best gardening gloves.

Novices and those less passionate about how their garden grows may not think it’s too big of a deal, they might even laugh at you for seeming so over-prepared, but they won’t be laughing when their hands and arms do their finest pin cushion impression courtesy of thorns, thistles, and the occasional cactus. Gardening gloves are practical, protective, and tough enough to tackle whatever your garden’s perfection demands. Plus, if you know how to rock them right, they can be stylish, too, which doesn’t change much but is always useful to know.

The Best Gardening Gloves

FirTree Leather Gardening Gloves

firtree leather gardening gloves

For the best gardening gloves, the ones that cover all the basics, all the needs, and requirements and give you a simple, no-nonsense but also an effective option, the FirTree Leather Gardening Gloves are the one for you. If you’re new to the gardening game, they are an excellent way to dip your finger in without breaking the bank, nor going too cheap you may not be properly protected when things get spiky.

The durable goatskin leather provides protection but also isn’t too tough it restricts movement, so you keep that necessary dexterity while still having the confidence to prune and pick and tug and tear like your life depends on it. As for your arms, it comes with equally durable cowhide sleeves, which help ensure there are no nasty surprises when reaching into the dark and mysterious world of your rose bush.

They won’t just protect you from rose thorns though. They are puncture resistant to keep your fingers, hands, and arms safe from all kinds of prickly pests growing in your garden. From cacti to exotic palm trees and even poison ivy, you can trust you’re well protected so gardening can be fun again, instead of an almost masochistic adventure where your prized bushes look closer to a crime scene than anything you’d want to submit to Great Gardening magazine. This makes a great gift for gardeners in your life.

Genuine goatskin leather for ultimate protection and dexterity

Durable cowhide sleeve covers arm up to the elbow

Sturdy but soft

Puncture resistant and capable of handling cactus, prickly bushes, and poison ivy

Pine Tree Tool Bamboo Gardening Gloves

pine tree tool bamboo working gloves

The  Pine Tree Tool Bamboo Working Gloves aren’t just a sustainable and (we’ll admit: surprisingly) effective option, they’re also mighty cheap while still maintaining the excellent quality necessary for successful pruning and picking. The bamboo construction is breathable, which is awesome news for those who garden in warmer, perhaps suffocating, climates or anyone who likes to spend all day with their hands in the bush. We understand these aren’t mutually exclusive though. 

Despite the excellent protection they offer, they’re designed in such a way it doesn’t feel you’re wearing gloves, which may take some getting used to on a psychological level, and could cause some phantom pricks and pains at first. This bare hand sensitivity makes it easier to handle branches and the touchscreen-friendly features mean you can record your progress on your smartphone without removing the gloves. Isn’t technology great?

The hypoallergenic and antibacterial material ensures there’s no chance of infection or other health issues. They don’t come with the arm gauntlet you’ll find with the FirTree, but for smaller jobs, or for anyone who wants to show off how tough you are (yeah, we’ll see how well that goes), these gloves are an excellent budget option which is solid, flexible, effective, and primarily, comfortable, because why shouldn’t you be comfortable when gardening? If you love gardening, make sure you also check our guide to the best hedge trimmers.

Breathable bamboo keeps hands cool during intensive gardening

Bare hand sensitivity and touch screen friendly for your convenience

Prevents cuts, scrapes, other wounds, and dirty hands and nails

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial

  • BrandPine Tree Tools
  • Weight1.6 ounces

Haode Fashion Gardening Genie Gloves

haode fashion garden genie gloves

Only slightly cheaper than the Pine Tree Tools, these Haode Fashion Garden Genie Gloves are our choice for the best value gardening gloves as you don’t just get one pair, but two instead, and everyone loves a deal like that. Coming with one pair of latex and the other sinisterly, almost cartoonishly clawed, your bushes won’t know what’s hit them.

The latex design feels closer to a second skin than a pair of gloves and is durable, waterproof and puncture resistant. The clawed pair is, too, but we’ll get to those in a minute. They’re also breathable, which is ideal for long jobs in the garden either at home or professionally. As for the claws, they’re sealed on with reliable adhesive and constructed using approved ABS plastic. Both these materials are eco-friendly, which might seem like a paradox as you’re tearing up a plant, but is important nonetheless.

The claws are also perfect for digging, raking, planting, and grading with no need for extra tools. Not only is this convenient, it helps you get the job done in as little time as possible, so you can enjoy that ice cold beer you’ve been craving all day.

Again there’s no wrist or arm protection, but with the dexterity and flexibility offered by both pairs, this may not be an issue. If it is, throw on your old, painfully retro denim jacket, or dig dad’s old Vespa leathers out the garage, it’s about time they got some use. To make gardening even easier choose one of the robot lawn mowers fro our list.

2 pairs included: one pair latex, 1 pair clawed

Fits like a second skin while being durable, waterproof and puncture resistant

Maximizes digging, raking, planting, and grading efficiency

Lightweight and stretchable

Euphoria Gardening Thornproof Leather Gauntlet Gloves

euphoria garden thornproof leather gauntlet gloves

Our premium choice is the Euphoria Garden Thornproof Leather Gauntlet Gloves, which you can use as rose pruning gloves (when operating with pruning shears), or to mimic everyone’s favorite Mad Titan who just wants a little balance in the universe. It’s entirely up to you, but probably start with the pruning and then move up from there, you know, if you feel like it.

You might even forget about any Thanos-related ventures by the time you get down with these gloves, anyway. They’re puncture resistant, offer fantastic arm protection, and are secure around the wrist to prevent catching and pulling and accidentally ending up with a hand full of thorns. Despite being sturdy enough to tackle the most stubborn branches, they’re also flexible enough to ensure easy pulling.

The comfortable fleece lining is also a welcome surprise and will keep your hands warm during colder months while also not being too suffocating to cause discomfort in the summer. This, along with the myriad of other features ensures no-nonsense pruning and clearing you can complete quicker than ever before.

They’re also durable enough to last you through several seasons at the least, giving you an easy option whenever bushes and weeds look like they’ve taken up residence in your yard and don’t feel like vacating soon. With these gloves, they won’t have a choice, and you can evict them with ease.

Puncture resistant and high arm protection

Durable split cowhide gauntlet sleeve

Sturdy but flexible with comfortable fleece lining

No nonsense protection from blackberries, thorns, poison ivy, and more

Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves

legacy gardens leather gardening gloves

The Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves are our final pick for today and like all great gardening accessories (gloves or not) they’re reliable, durable, and easy to use. The simple pull-on design reaches all the way to your elbows, unless you’re a long-armed dude, protecting you from scrapes and punctures where other, shorter gloves would fail miserably.

The fun doesn’t stop there though. For convenience, they’re as flexible as they are comfortable, with the natural goat leather perfect for withstanding prickly thorns and twigs which are sure to ruin any day of gardening. Should something terrible happen, the hypoallergenic and antibacterial design will prevent infections or further issues, and its breathability contributes to longer gardening sessions and fewer breaks, so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Capable of working with rocks, sticks, thorns, and twigs, there’s (almost) no limit to what you can do with these gloves, except maybe handle lava, but that’s a given. Knowing this, they’re a versatile option for a variety of purposes that goes further than keeping the garden neat.

Overall, you’ll get a pair of leather gardening gloves solidly between budget and premium, so if you’re looking to give them as a gift or just want a useful and reliable backup – just in case – these could be the gloves for you. Happy gardening, bro. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best cordless lawn mowers.

Keeps hands soft and safe from scrapes and punctures with long forearm sleeves

Flexible, comfortable, and durable with natural goat leather construction

Breathable design, hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Capable of handling rocks, twigs, sticks, and thorns with ease

Gardening Gloves Buying Guide

How We Chose Our Selection Of Best Gardening Gloves

Brand – Gardening is serious business, so it only makes sense we found the best gardening gloves from the best brands out there. This time, we’ve brought you an exclusive list that doesn’t overlap, shows no bias to any one brand, but instead a selection of the top brands that are guaranteed to provide excellent results. These brands may not be too well-known outside of the gardening bubble, but those who know their gardening accessories will attest there aren’t any better.

Reviews – We like to be a little ahead of the seasons so you’ve got the best products in time for when you’ll need them instead of halfway through, by which point it’s almost pointless. The problem with this, though, is that we’re unable to test out these products properly. To overcome this, we rely on the wonders of customer reviews.

These reviews are written by real people who are experienced in gardening, know what to look for, and what sets good gloves apart from great gloves. Without them, we’d just be blindly shooting and picking products at random, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone

Price – As much as we want to find the best products, we also want to consider the price of these products and while it’s tempting to go for a list of expensive, premium options or a list of cheap, budget ones, we’d prefer to have a decent range to appeal to everyone.

We understand that it’s not always within everyone’s budget or needs to splash out on the most expensive gear, so we’ve found the best products from each price range to appeal to as many people as possible.

Quality – We all know how crucial quality products are for anything but it’s especially important when doing heavy-duty work. It’s essential that the right materials are used to provide the best experience possible, and with gardening gloves, this includes reliability, durability, protection bit also offering comfort through breathability and fit.

Without this, it’s likely the gloves will get used once – maybe twice if we’re being generous – and then never again, which costs both you and the company money in the long run.

Features To Look For In Top Gardening Gloves

Material – Material is perhaps the most important feature of your gardening gloves as it must be capable of withstanding the rigors of gardening while also allowing you to operate as if you’re not wearing gloves at all. There is a fine balance to find, but what’s the most effective is goat leather, cowhide, bamboo, and even latex will suffice, offering both the protection and comfort necessary.

This material for your rose gloves should be tough enough to protect you from thorns and similar potentially painful parts of the garden as otherwise, you may as well just dive in with your bare hands. Please don’t do that though.

You should also consider waterproof gardening gloves which aren’t just useful when the heavens open, but also if you’re dealing with wet branches and soil, as there are few things less comfortable than working with sodden hands.

Gauntlet – The gauntlet sleeve helps protect your arms from thorns and thistles. Not all gardening gloves have this gauntlet, and not all of them need one, but if you’re working with deep, tricky bushes with long thorns, the gauntlet is crucial to preventing scratches and similar injuries.

For fully effective gauntlets, ensure they are long enough to reach your elbow, covering the entirety of your forearms, otherwise you won’t get the protection necessary for hassle-free de-weeding and gardening.

Flexibility – As much as your gloves must be tough and protect you, they should also be flexible and not hinder your dexterity. With some gloves, this can be a problem, as they are too thick to adequately serve you, and end up with you losing your grip because you can’t hold things firmly enough.

The more flexible the material, the better you will feel when gardening. With it, you can tear plants and branches as easily as you can operate garden tools without risking injury. Not only does it make your gardening more straightforward, but it also gives you better confidence, as you know you’ll be safe whatever you work with.

Durability – We hope that anything we buy will last for a long time, and with the demands of pulling weeds and tearing out thorny branches, this is especially important for gardening gloves. It doesn’t matter if you wear them every day or just twice a year, you still want to ensure they last as long as possible.

Durability is determined by the material and the stitching and construction, to ensure they’re well made before buying them. If you know you’ll use them often, it’s probably worth it to splash out on the more expensive, high-quality models for your peace of mind.

Breathability – Gardening can be tiring work, so buying a pair of gardening gloves that provide excellent breathability will go a long way towards ensuring a comfortable, stress-free day in the yard. The warmer your hands are, the less fun you’re likely to have, and you will need to take breaks more frequently to prevent overheating.

Not only is this inconvenient, but it also means you’ll spend more time in the garden and take much longer to complete your work. If you’re doing domestic clearing, then this may not be a problem, but if it’s a professional job for a client, you don’t want to take too long.

Health – On the off chance you suffer a small injury when gardening, it helps to have a pair of gloves which won’t cause further damage. If you’re really concerned about this, you can invest in gloves which are both hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which prevents a build up of disease and potential infection through dirt, bugs, and other things you might encounter in the garden.

It’s still wise to be extra vigilant though, and you shouldn’t rely solely on the antibacterial features to keep you protected from infection. If you suffer an injury, remember to clean the wound to protect yourself even further and save any injuries getting worse.

Weight – Gardening gloves that are too heavy will end up fatiguing your arms and cause discomfort, especially for larger clearing and gardening jobs. You should ensure your gloves are tough and sturdy, but also lightweight enough so they don’t become a hindrance.

Types of Best Gardening Gloves

There are several types of gardening gloves for you to consider and the kind you choose may depend on what you need them for.

Leather – Leather gloves are perhaps the most reliable type available. They are tough, sturdy, and durable and also offer excellent protection through sticks, stones, and thorns. However, some leather gloves aren’t flexible enough for a catch-all gardening solution and so could restrict your movement and dexterity if you don’t invest in a high-quality pair.

Their thickness helps protect your hands, though, and if you buy gloves with wrist and forearm gauntlets, then you’ve got excellent protection from potential garden dangers.

Cotton – You can find cotton gardening gloves anywhere, especially at your local hardware and home improvement store. They are cheap and useful for the more casual gardener who won’t spend all day tending to their bushes.

They aren’t perfect though (what is?) and while they are breathable and lightweight enough to provide decent comfort and cleanliness; they aren’t as tough as leather gloves so you could end up with a few pricks from thorn bushes. They are not waterproof, which could cause discomfort if you go digging in damp soil.

Disposable – As the name suggests, disposable gardening gloves aren’t meant to be used more than once. In fact, you could even say they aren’t technically gardening gloves. That being said, they’re still useful to have for quick gardening tasks that require little heavy lifting or protection such as collecting leaves or even light pruning.

You can find them at your local supermarket or pharmacy and can throw them out when done. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact (as you should be) look for disposable gloves which are biodegradable if possible.

Rubber – Rubber gloves are an excellent option for working in wet conditions because of their waterproof nature. Along with leather, they’re the most weatherproof options for you, and will also keep the heat in, especially when dealing with damp ground.

This isn’t always a good thing, though and the tightness of rubber gloves can prevent breathability needed for all-day gardening, making your hands sweaty and making you wish you’d not bothered. Different types of rubber gloves are available, so don’t get them confused with dishwashing gloves, as these won’t be as useful in the yard.

Stretchy – A mixture of cotton and lycra, stretchy gardening gloves are well-fitted and elasticated for easy removal while still offering a decent amount of breathability. They’re comfortable, long-lasting, and won’t cause blisters if you work with them all day. If you need an all-purpose pair of gloves, then this hybrid option is an excellent choice that’s typically a little cheaper than other products.



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