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Gardening with Kids – the Imperfectly Happy home


Gardening with kids should be part of our family legacy. Gardening teaches so many wonderful skills, not to mention kids love to eat what they grow! I’d like to share my 10 reasons for gardening with kids and some great ways to get them started.

Gardening with Kids

I believe a child’s garden should be part of every family’s backyard farm. My youngest daughter has always been in the garden helping; I’ve seen the difference it can make first hand. But for now I’ll share my Top 10 Reasons to get Gardening with Kids. I hope it encourages you to get your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews out in your vegetable garden very soon!

10 Reasons To Start Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids

The Best Vegetables for Children’s Gardens

These vegetables are great when you first start gardening with kids! They are easy to grow, will grow in a variety of spaces and most kids love to eat them.


In my experience, radishes are the easiest vegetable to grow. They’ll grow in boxes and pots too. Radishes are also pretty fast vegetables so they’ll be something to harvest quickly. Because they are a root vegetable you’ll want to start these where you plan to grow them, no transplanting. I know store-bought radishes are not everyone’s cup of tea but there are some amazing varieties that have more mild or sweeter flavors. See Radish Seeds

Most kiddos love carrots – a sweet root veggie. No while carrots are pretty easy to grow, they do take some patience because they are slow growing. In my years of gardening I have never found one that grows as fast as the seed packet says it will; but they are worth the wait. I have grown carrots in pots, 6 and 12 inch garden boxes with equal success. And you’ll never have a better tasting carrot than the one you eat right out of the garden! Did you know there are purple carrots? See Carrot Seeds

Most gardeners will tell you to start with tomatoes as a beginner. They are one of those vegetables (which are actually a fruit) that will grow just about anywhere. Growing tomatoes are good for learning how to prune for growth and you can keep growing the same tomato bush for several seasons. Kids typically like cherry tomatoes but you might be surprised by all the fun smaller varieties that you can grow! We love the Yellow Pear.

The hardest thing about growing zucchini is what to do with it all! With a good harvest we can usually share quite a bit with neighbors, friends and family; because we get tired of it. I recommend starting your zucchinis inside about 4 – 6 weeks before you’re ready to plant them outdoors. We often the Black Beauty variety. See my tips on growing summer squash. 
Be sure to check out these  for your harvest!

Bell Peppers

Bells are a wonderfully sweet pepper that kids usually love to eat. They are truly an easy vegetable to grow too! They typically do well in warmer weather and ours have survived the the long hot Phoenix summers! They also come in a wonderful rainbow of colors, though that does not really change the flavor in my opinion. See Bell Pepper Seeds

Tips for Gardening with Kids

Further Reading for Your Child’s Garden

Here are a few books you may want to consider as you dive into gardening with your kids.


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